Iowa International ScreenDance Festival 2017

Part of the 11th Iowa Dance Festival at Film Scene
on April 29th, 12:00 pm and April 30th, 12:00 pm

Keynote Speaker, Ellen Bromberg
will present at the April 29th screening

ScreenDance: A genre of dance made exclusively for the camera, in which dance/movement is the central theme of the story, becoming the primary expressive element in the work. This screening is a platform for dance films of many styles, genres or techniques that highlight and encourage the dialogue and blending of dance and film.  The Iowa International ScreenDance Festival provides a platform for ScreenDance creators to explore the dynamic possibilities of movement created specifically for camera/screen.  Prior to the festival, all ScreenDance submissions will be reviewed and curated by a panel of filmmakers and choreographers.

The audience will have the opportunity to view 12 short films and engage with several of the ScreenDance creators via SKYPE.  In addition, at the April 29th screening, Ellen Bromberg, ScreenDance pioneer, will discuss ScreenDance and its impact on the field of dance.

ScreenDance, presented at FilmScene, is founded and directed by Associate Professor Eloy Barragán of the University of  Iowa Department of Dance, with co-director Nora Garda. It is part of the 11th annual Iowa Dance Festival, celebrating National Dance Week.

TICKETS: Admission is $10 at the door.

To purchase a ticket online, click on a screening date/time below and you can purchase from FilmScene.


Festival Curators:

Michael Gibisser: UI Assistant Professor of the Cinematic Arts Department, Co-Director of Film & Video Production.  

Kevin Kelly: Filmmaker, Producer/Director at The University of Iowa Office of Strategic Communications·     

Nora Garda: UI Pharmaceuticals Senior Chemist, InterDance & Iowa Dance Festival Director.

George de la Pena:  UI Professor, multi-disciplinary performer-director-choreographer-researcher, member of the Lincoln Center Theater Director’s Laboratory.

Daniel Fine: UI Assistant Professor, Digital Media in Performance.

Mathew Steele: Publisher, Little Village Magazine, MFA Media, Social Practice and Design.