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Iowa Dance 2014

IA Dance 2014

April 27, 2013 Program

Iowa Dance 2013: Dancing our Visions PROGRAM

Coralville Center for the Performing Arts
April 27, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Tickets are $8 for Adults and $3 for kids 12 and under

Tiribah performed by IMANI!
DANCERS: Dorian Byrd, Javieonna Cooke, Tammy Reed, Stephanie Ross
Music by: Awilo Longomba
Choreographed by Tammy Reed.
Choreography based on traditional African harvest dances from Guinea and Mali, W. Africa. "Tiribah" is performed to contemporary music by Congolese artist, Awilo Longomba.

Neptune's Heart is Captured performed by COMBINED EFFORTS DANCE THEATRE
DANCERS: Ryann Sirois, Alec Grubbe, Peter Lynch, Erin Paterson, Kelly Nagle, Shari-Ann Breedlove, Mary Vasey, Evie Stansky, Eli Hansen Isabel Hansen, Mya Kahle
Music by: compilation of various tracks from Enya, The Kronos Quartet, and Mozart.
Choreographed by: Sarah Furnish
Combined Efforts Theatre is a non-profit 5013(c) company. We are purposefully inclusive of persons’ with disabilities. Our actors, dancers and singers include those with and without disabilities. We also maintain a commitment to affordability. For many, the programs are free.

Fairy’s and Dolls’ performed by EDITH BALLET ACADEMY
DANCERS: Maria Oyorem, Mia Deprenger. Monique Schnoebelen, Martha Hamilton ,Jocelyn Harte, Ella Tamlyn, Lisa Acherkan, Xinyu Wang
Music by: Leo Delibes
Choreographed by: Edith Barragan

Leilat Hob Orientale performed by FARIDA of KAHRAMAN
Music by: Said Mrad, arrangement of original composition by Mohammed Abdel
Wahab Choreographed and performed by: Fritha Coltrain, soloist and teacher with Kahraman Dance.
Fritha performs regularly at Red Poppy Tea and Hookah Parlour and Hala Hala Hookah.

Sonríe También performed by CITY BALLET OF IOWA
DANCERS: Corinne Buffo, Allison Christopher, Bridget Connelly, Jaya Muehlman, Amanda Rosse
Music by: Georges Bizet
Choreographed by: Eloy Barragán

Shivoham performed by SAMPRADAYA DANCE TROUPE, Indian Classical Dance
DANCERS: Smitha Khullar, Anoushka Divekar, Simran Sarin, Khushi Kapoor, Shreya Khullar, Aditi Borde, Amruta Divekar
Music by: Manish Vyas and A.R.Rahman
Choreographed by: Smitha Khullar
"Shivoham", joyful dance, in praise of the Lord of Dance, Shiva.

Who Are They?... They Will Come! performed by JOAN GONWA and DANCERS
DANCERS: Amiela Canin, Joan Gonwa, Angela Hayes, Shan Ju Lin
Music by: Duke Ellington: 3 Black Kings (Excerpts) and Andreas Vollenweider: Book of Roses: Chanson de L'Huere Blue
Sound Editing: Stephen Polchert
Choreographed by Joan Gonwa
Choreographer's note: I wish to dedicate this dance to my dear daughter Heather.

Jamaican Dance performed by BREKKE DANCE CENTER Des Moines
DANCERS: Solveig Carlson, Kylie Carlson, Kiana Carlson
Music by: Jamaican Dance
Choreographed by: Matt Brekke

INTERMISSION: Salsa (social dancing) in the lobby 

Sidetrack performed by TRAVELERS DANCE
DANCERS: Nora Garda, Shan ju Lin, Yu Hsin Lin, Takako Soma
Music by: Bo Ramsey and the Backsliders
Choreographed by: Angie Hayes
Video footage and Photographs: Sandy Dyas, Jonathan Rattner
Video Editing: Katy Hoffer, Jonathan Rattner

Mirrors performed by TRANSCENDANCE
DANCER: Sara Koslowski
Music by: Justin Timberlake
Choreographed by: Sara Koslowski

Spanish Dance performed by EDITH BALLET ACADEMY
DANCERS: Mia de Pregner, Monique Schnoebelen, Martha Hamilton, Joselyn Harte, Maria Oyorem, Ella Tamlyn, Lisa Acherkan, Xinyu Wang
Music by: Tchaikovsky
Choreographed by: Edith Barragan

An Irish Sampler: Hornpipes, Slip Jigs, and Reels peformed by CHAMPAGNE ACADEMY of IRISH DANCE
DANCERS: Elisabeth Chretien, Darian Curry, Hannah Evans, Sarah Evans, Mary Therese Padberg, Meghan Ryan, Summer Saylor, Fenna Semken, and Kailie Stevens
Music by The Bradley Brothers
Directed and Choreographed by Trea Champagne

Pas de Deux from “Cinderella” performed by BALLET QUAD CITIES
DANCERS: Emily Kate Long, Jacob Lyon
Music by: Sergei Prokofiev
Choreographed by Courtney Lyon

A Tapping Trio of Tunes performed by TAP CATS
DANCERS: Mary Ann Letizio, Betty Dye, Joan Folkmann, Paul Wise, Carol Grow Johnk
Tea for Two - in honor of choreographer Bonnie Franklin; Music by Irving Caesar and Vincent Yousmans, arranged by Greg Gilpin.
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans - Music by Pete Fountain, choreographed by Mary Ann Letizio.
Shim Sham Shimmy - Music by Will Ryan, choreographed by Leonard Reed.

Delayed performed by UNIVERSITY of NORTHERN IOWA
DANCERS: Anna Bachman, Mariah Lyle, Paige Martin, Mary Rose Shelley, Montana Smith
Music by: Steve Reich, Electric Counterpoint III. fast
Choreographed by: Jason Schadt

Ghawazee performed by KAHRAMAN DANCE
DANCERS: Fritha Coltrain, Leslie Hanzelka, Janet Maurer, Shari McDowel, and Lin Swanson. Understudied by Bri Wall.
Music by: Metkal Kanawi
Choreographed by: Ibrahim Farrah for K.N.E.D.E.
The word Ghawazee means "Invaders of the Heart". These traditional dancers do just that as they perform in Egypt for weddings and festivals.